SidePak Aerosol Monitor Training Course


There are 3 important steps that the you will perform to prepare the SidePak for operation.
Preparation and operating steps can also be found in paper format: Air Monitoring Field Protocol

Step One -Charging

Step two - Cleaning
Charge the batteries for at least 5 hours prior to taking measurements for an extended period. The SidePak will be fitted with a 2.5 μm impactor that requires cleaning and greasing prior to use. 

Step three - Zero Calibrate

Calibrate Flow Rate (done √)

Finally, prior to each use, the SidePak should be zero calibrated with the included HEPA filter.

It is important that the sampling pump in the SidePak is operating at a flow rate of
1.7 liters/minute to ensure the impactor operates properly. 

Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute will do this step. You should not have to change the flow rate.

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